Personalised NDIS Services

Absolute Coastal Care is a small boutique, Illawarra NDIS service provider, where the founding members will have daily contact and SUPPORT – so you or your loved ones can be assured that all our participants receive individualised ASSISTANCE and genuine care, based on their unique, personal needs.


The Highest Level of Care


Providing a safe and homely short term accommodation, tailored to our patient’s needs, ensuring safe and enjoyable stays.


Supporting our patient’s need to be independent. We always look to nurture their ability to become resilient and thrive.


Offering suitable programs, fun activities to ensure our patients enjoy their social life and feel apart of the community.
Short Term Accommodation NDIS


We assist our patients with their daily-life activities, supporting independence and increasing their confidence and wellbeing.

Our Values

Never believe that Care cannot change the world. For it might be subtle, but it can be the most powerful and long-lasting tool we have to improve the community”


Absolute Coastal Care is built on its foundational values of Trust, Respect, Communication and Quality Care.


Absolute Coastal Care

How We Can Help You

At Absolute Coastal Care we set our patient’s well-being at the centre of our work. In the many years of experience in the industry, we have learnt that as NDIS providers, we must go far way beyond our technical skills and the mere assistance tasks, to offer the individual the chance of reaching a genuine fulfilment in life. Providing an exceptional support service it is not enough, we aim to provide the best tailored services locally.

Our approach is then to take personal care of every facet of our organisation, from the management to the cleaning. We anchor our work on the idea that NDIS services need to be carefully tailored around our patient’s story and needs, helping them to live their life at ease. Therefore, our services are thoroughly designed to improve our participant’s independence and ability to enjoy living within the community.