1:1 Community Access

1:1 Community Access

Absolute Coastal Care offers 1:1 Community access for our clients, providing opportunities for them to participate in a regular routine and be an active member in the community.

Community Access can be provided to help participants achieve their individual community and social participation goals, including attending social activities, medical appointments, shopping, banking, sporting activities, visiting friends and family and more.

We can provide one on one support to assist people to access and participate in the community seven days a week.  Community access can be scheduled as one off appointments or as an on-going support to assist people to participate in activities of their choice in the community.  Some of the activities we assist people to participate in are:

  • Grocery Shopping
  • Medical appointments
  • Accessing the library
  • Going to the bank and post office
  • Swimming 
  • Accessing the Gym
  • Attending community events
  • Visiting friends and family
  • Going to a café or restaurant
  • Watch sporting events in an external venue
  • Attending groups and activities
  • Hair, nail and beauty appointments
  • Going for a walk or drive
  • Attending community clubs

Absolute Coastal Care is built on its foundational values of
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